January 31, 2019


Services include water well drilling, pump service and installation, geothermal installation, plumbing, and electrical. Click one of the services below to find out more information.


Whether you need water for your home or farm, you can rely on Carter Services to provide you with the knowledge and high quality service needed to properly install an entire pump system to bring the water from the ground to you.

There are many signs that you may notice that will tell you your pump needs serviced such as strange noises, low water pressure, or your water is running continuously.  We can diagnose the problem with your pump and then make the necessary repairs needed to get your pump back online.


We provide water well drilling services to residential as well as commercial customers throughout the middle Tennessee area.  Whether you are wanting water for your home, farm, or business, we can help get you the water you need.

As a fully insured and licensed company, we have the experience and knowledge to design your entire water well system.


Our company can provide geothermal services to commercial customers as well as residential customers who wish for an alternative to the traditional heating and cooling systems.  Geothermal is environmentally friendly and has lower energy costs to save you money in the long run.

Carter Services can complete everything for your geothermal project including drilling the boreholes, installing and grouting the loops, digging all horizontal trenches, and connecting all bore holes to run the supply and return lines from the geothermal field to the home or business.


Have other electrical or plumbing issues at your house or business?  We can take care of that as well!  With an extensive background in electrical and plumbing, we are able to handle any service based call whether it be large or small.