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February 19, 2020


Do you know what’s in your water? Let us test your water and find out! We offer water testing and treatment services to commercial customers as well as residential customers. Whether you are on city water or well water, we have the right system for you.


Bacteria (E. Coli and Coliform)

A bacteria test is important in making sure your water is safe to drink. E. coli and coliform in well water can show that the water may be contaminated by human or animal waste. This bacteria is harmful to your health.

A sample would be collected and delivered to the independent lab the same day as collection. Once the report is available, we would follow up with you to go over it and advise you of any steps that need taken.

Common Household Water Problems

Many common household water problems can be seen, however there are many impurities that are only found through a water test. Some of the more common water problems are iron, hard water, sulfur, manganese, chlorine, rust, and lead.

We can test for these common water problems on site and offer your results immediately to help you get the pure clean water you need.

Once we have tested your water and know what is needed, we can install an entire system tailored to your water and household. Call us today for water treatment and filtration services!